By YYMETAL | 24 December 2018 | 1 Comments

Still best selling French Press

34OZ, Brews 1 liter(8 coffee cup or about 4 coffee mugs, interior and exterior made Made of stainless steel 304 with FDA approval.

Original laser welding technique of this double wall coffee french press makes it with excelletn air tightness and insulation performance. After testing, at room temperature of 20℃, pour 96℃ hot water into the french press for 2hours, it can still keep the water hot with 60℃.

High glossy mirror surface treatment and independent filter structure can make you easy to clean.

Never buy coffee filter paper again with the reusable stainless steel filter screen system.

Choosing the #Y&Y Metal french press means protect your investment! Because we care about our customer experience, if there are something wrong about your product we will change it immediately without any costs from your side.

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