Drip Coffee Pot Stainless Steel Kettle 350ml Long- Gooseneck Tea Kettle with Fashion Wooden Handle

Item No.: CT-0036
Material: 304 Stainless steel
Size: 350ml
Optional Color: silver, black, white, rose gold, gold
Packaging: 1 pc/box, 24 box/carton
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  • 1. Wooden handle and lid handle are anti-scald and comfortable to grip. Ergonomic design, Teflon outer coating, 304 stainless steel, double hole controlled water cutting, side shift lid handle
  • 2. Ventilation holes at lid allows you to insert thermometer to measure water temperature anytime, it also can effectively exhaust steam to avoid being scalded when uncovering.
  • 3. Exquisite and modern appearance design, it is a nice gift for drip coffee lovers.
  • 4. Gooseneck Coffee Pot Made of 304 stainless steel material with polishing surface, safe, smooth, anti-rust and durable in use.
  • 5. Long gooseneck spout is designed for a slow and precise water flow, so that it can extract sufficiently and ensures the pure flavor of coffee.